Sigh of relief

Sigh of Relief

The Dog House Diaries :

Sigh of Relief :

Today I went back to work for a rest.  It was fabulous.  No-one bit me or scratched me and I didn’t have to escort anyone to the toilet twenty five times an hour.  It almost felt like a spa day.  

Jon, who is Barkley sitting today, texted me at about 11am to say that ‘crazy time’ was in full swing and asking when ‘snoozy time’ happened.  I laughed my head off and just replied ‘welcome to my world’, before diving back into the haven of double entry bookkeeping.  

Then half an hour later he sent me another text with a photo of our little boy curled up in a tiny furry ball, and all I wanted was to run home and CUDDLE THE ARSE OFF HIM.  I missed my gorgeous little lunatic. 

Sigh of Relief

When I got home that evening, Barkley was so zonked out that he didn’t even realise when I turned up.  Some guard dog he was going to be.  I’d walked in going ‘wheres my baby!?!?!’ to be met with a small snore.  He may as well have just rolled over and farted for all he cared.  

Eventually he deigned to join us and I’m pleased to say there was much tail wagging, and he reigned in his puppy zoomies for the whole evening.  

Such a good boy.  

I must cling on to these moments of joy and call them to mind when his alter-ego ‘Hannibal Lecter’ is with us. 

Sigh of Relief
Someone get me a nice Chianti for God’s sake!

Sherry x

Stay tuned for more from The Dog House Diaries; or have a butchers at my feature about Fabulous Finn

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