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Free Fall a novel by Sherry Hostler
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Free Fall

Ellie is feeling alone and unhappy in her marriage. Her husband no longer shows any interest in her and is constantly travelling for work. So, when Saul, a handsome stranger, offers her everything she's been missing, what starts as a harmless flirtation quickly grows into something deeper.

Before it can go too far, however, Ellie comes to her senses and ends the burgeoning relationship. It's over - or is it?

A series of unexplained and sometimes threatening events soon lead Ellie to believe that maybe Saul isn't as out of her life as she'd thought.

Hypnotic by Sherry Hostler book cover


Trying to outrun his past and save his marriage, Tom is unwittingly drawn into a university experiment which has a hidden objective - Can you hypnotise someone to commit murder?

The experiment is led by the obsessive Bethany who has her own agenda and secrets that she will do anything to keep safe.

What Tom doesn’t realise is that the more involved he becomes in the experiment, the more he is putting himself and those he loves at risk. But it might be too late to turn back.

Irresistibly captivating, Hypnotic will make you realise that if you are going to run from your past, you need to keep looking behind you.


"This is a novel with a thrilling concept at its core. It made me eager to get my teeth into it and keep going! The characters are truly mesmerising in the most heartbreakingly, realistic way, giving rise to an unquestionable powerful conclusion. Five stars!"

Margaret Davis

"Hypnotic’ draws you in, building beautifully and cleverly with surprises. It’s written from two different perspectives, Tom and Bethany, both of whom have troubled histories. You get to know more about them and about the impact they have on each other’s lives. A story of revenge with a dramatic ending. "

S. Edwards

"Now that read caught me out! I sat down to browse through a few pages and ended up some hours later having to force myself to put the book down and sleep. I then changed my plans for the next evening so I could finish the book. An absolutely cracking read with twists that kept me guessing and a style of writing that I really enjoyed. Thoroughly recommended"

A. Craven

"Free Fall is a great novel with twists and turns throughout. Really enjoyable with an intriguing plot and interesting three-dimensional characters. A definite recommend for all thriller readers out there."

C. Jenkins
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