Ups and Downs; Dog House Diary

Ups and Downs

The Dog House Diaries :

Ups and Downs

My bloody alarm clock didn’t go off this morning!!!!  I woke up with an absolute panic at 8.00 am, realising that I hadn’t done the 6am toilet shift.  Yes, our little poppet had not been to the loo for FIVE hours!!!  Dreading a scene from a 1980’s Irish Prison with a dirty protest in his crate, we both ran downstairs, and there was our good little boy, clean and dry and wagging his tail with joy to see us.  Needless to say we wasted NO time running him outside where he managed to poo four times in quick succession, and eat two of them.  Lovely.  

After ‘poo-gate’ we had to take Barkley back to the vets for his jabs, and as Jon was at home this time, he sat on the back seat with Barkley behind him in the boot, while I drove.  It turned out that our little primadona wasn’t that keen on slumming it in the boot.  He cried and whinged so much that in the end, Jon gave in, and pushed the back rest down so that he could join him on the back seat instead.  

I was pleased that it calmed him down, but am now dubious that every time we get in the car there will be a Mariah Carey type rider as to what he needs before he gets in there.  

Ups and downs; Dog House Diary
#spoilt brat

Inside the vets we were ushered in to see the nurse, and as before Barkley sat nicely on the table and took some treats.  Yay, we thought, it’ll be nice to have a dog who isn’t terrified of going to the vets for a change.  

Then he had the jabs.  

The needles were absolutely fine, but weirdly there was a ten second delay, and all of sudden the pair of us were puppy wrangling while he yelped and squirmed like a bucking bronco.  Jon tried holding him in his arms and got a nice scratch down his neck for his efforts.  

Still, at least it matches mine, that Barkley gave me earlier in the week! 

Im guessing neither Barkley OR Jon will be so relaxed next time we go to the vets.  

Anyway, back at home and after five days and nights of us living, eating and sleeping in the kitchen and dining room in a bid to keep Barkley confirmed to a small space for a while and not be overwhelmed, tonight was the night we finally introduced him to… the lounge.   

Ups and Downs; Dog House Diaries
Undoubtedly chewing something he shouldn’t!

He had a lovely time sniffing his way around all the furniture, and squeezing himself into every single tiny space that he could…round the back of the sofa, where he tried to chew electric cables, and underneath a side table where he tried to knock off a lamp.  I thought we’d puppy proofed, but apparently not!  

It was exhausting running around after him, blocking off exploration routes with foot stools and box sets of dvd’s, but the little git, then turned into a four legged free runner, leaping over the stacked box sets of James Bond and Friends and swinging from the cushion covers.  It was a bit like watching ‘Its a Knock Out!’ 

Eventually at around 10pm, after a close call with the log burner furniture, and trying to eat the rug, he decided that his new favourite place was actually curled up in the smallest little ball possible on the hearth.  He just looked SO tiny it melted my heart. 

Ups and Downs; Dog House Diaries

Finally, while the tiny destroyer slept we would be able to sit back on our usual spots on the sofa, and relax with a movie.  

We paid for and downloaded a film, which we started watching, before promptly falling asleep ten minutes later due to our puppy induced sleep deprivation.  

Never did see the end, but at least I remembered to set my alarm for the following morning…

Sherry x 

Stay tuned for more from The Dog House Diaries; or have a butchers at my feature about Fabulous Finn

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2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs”

  1. Good morning Sherry
    i have recently lost my best friend and your story about Chilli, touched my heart so deeply ,.
    My girl was called Ryple she was the most beautiful rotty you could wish to meet and i guess there
    are a lot of rotty owners who feel the same ,having read you re story i felt a little better, nothing can fill the space and never will ,our home is now a house cold and empty , i still talk to her every night
    and every morning , she is my second rotty and 5 years on i still go out at 10pm and say goodnight
    and see you later when i leave in the morning for work , now i have to do it for both of my girls ,double pain , yes there will be another rotty but only because i want to love again and give another a beautiful loving life so i can keep the memories i have living on ,they are all different i know , and i hope i arnt judged for this , believe me if i could find away to have back whats been taking away ,i would , i believe in angels they were there for ryple to the end of her short life 5 no age but illness doesnt care what it takes , thank you from the bottom of my empty heart for people like you ,sorry for the grama and spelling it just poored out of me and i could waffle on all day
    thank you Sherry

    Chris Fable proud owner of
    Ryple the most fantastic ROTTWIELLER in the world xx

    1. Hi Chris

      Thank you so much for your wonderful email. While my story about losing Chilli touched your heart, your message touched my heart in return. Im so grateful for your words, it really does mean the world to me. Our dogs are family, and Im pretty sure Chilli and Ryple are having a grand time together up in heaven. Sherry xx

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