Getting Nowhere Fast

Getting Nowhere Fast

The Dog House Diaries :

Getting Nowhere Fast

So it turns out that puppies are an absolute magnet for pretty much EVERYONE!

Now that we’ve started Barkley on mini walks it means that we get absolutely nowhere fast.  It’s great for him as it means loads of socialisation with people of all ages, colours, sexes and sizes, but no so much fun for us when you’re on a schedule.  

Seriously, it’s like going out with a Hollywood megastar.  People stare, they stop and fuss him, they take photos, and ask us how old he is, what breed he is and so on.  Even young lads with their jeans hanging halfway down their backsides momentarily loose their cool to come over and give him a cuddle.  

“Huh, should have got a puppy when I was 19” says Jon, after a bunch of girls in short skirts have been gushing over Barkley for the last ten minutes.  

He is duly slapped.  

Jon, not Barkley.  

Our little chap takes it all in his stride, and soaks up all the attention as though he’s Tom bloody Cruise.  I keep expecting him to whip out a pen to sign autographs for people.  

I say he takes it all in his stride, but after a trip to the garden centre, followed by Pets at Home (other pet stores are available!), and a walk through the High Street, I think the excitement all got a bit too much as he chucked his breakfast up in the back of the car.  Not quite so Tom Cruise now eh?

He’s actually been so good with other people in fact, that we are starting to wonder if its just us that he wants to rip to pieces and eat!  Obviously that would defeat the object though, as first and foremost we are his slaves. 

We continue to do his bidding. 

Getting Nowhere Fast

Sherry x

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