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The C Word

The C Word

Why We All Need to Check Our Boobs!

I was pretty young when I lost my mum to breast cancer, and since then statistics have shown that despite us all ploughing our money and tears into research, the numbers of reported cases are at a record high.  

The good news though is that according to Cancer Research UK there’s now a reported 78% survival rate thanks to the work that’s being done, and 23% of cases are preventable if they’re caught soon enough.   Surely that’s good enough reason for us ladies to pay as much attention to our boobs as men do? 

Sadly, my mum decided that denial was the path that she was going to take with cancer, which meant that it ended in a one way street.   I do understand..sometimes.  After all, we all know that it can be easier to pretend something scary isn’t happening and just hope it goes away.  

The denial gene obviously runs in the family too, as I’ve managed to put it to the back of my mind for as many years as possible.  It’s only recently when discussing the subject that it dawned on me that, bearing in mind my family history, I should maybe get checked out too.

The C Word

So, with October heralding Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it gave me the impetus to do something about it.  I did a bit of Googling and found lots of information on what visual signs to look for, none of which triggered any alarm bells.  

Next I had to feel for any lumps and bumps that may be of interest.  I followed the instructions, and tried pressing, prodding and making circular movements.  I did all the positions recommended, lying down, sitting up and standing with my arm in the air, and discovered mainly that I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing. 

So undeterred, and armed with my lack of knowledge I went to see my local GP instead.  

And do you know what?  It really wasn’t that bad.  

Yes, it’s weird stripping off in front of a total stranger, and putting an arm behind your head while they feel your boobs.  But they’ve done it a thousand times before, and the words ‘you’re fine’ are like music.  Even if they find something you’d rather they hadn’t, it means that unlike my mum, you could be one of those 78% who have a chance. 

Just make sure they warm their hands up first. 

Sherry x


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