cool runnings

Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

How I Enjoy the London Marathon

Every year I make a concerted effort to sit and watch the London Marathon.  Yes, you heard me right…watch the London Marathon.  It’s great.  I sit on the sofa in my dressing gown with a fry up and a lovely cup of builders tea in front of me as they all puff past on the tv.  

The serious runners generally get to the finish line before my tea’s cold, but I still stick around to see all the charity runners too.  It’s generally lunch time by then, so I need to keep my energy up with a nice bacon sandwich.  I’m supportive to the end. 

cool runnings

Just as you’re thinking how lazy I am, I would like to point out that I actually applied for the marathon last year!  I can’t say I was particularly disappointed that I didn’t get a place though, as the thought of all that training during winter isn’t that appealing.  Now however, Spring is upon us, and the weather is starting to get better, so I’m contemplating getting outside to do some running….or at least a slow shuffle.

Running and walking have loads of health benefits, including weight loss, fitness, increased bone density and psychological boosts.  All ages can get involved, so it’s a great excuse to get kids away from their iPads and out into the fresh air too.  It’s a fun and social pastime. 

There are loads of running clubs around, but if you don’t fancy joining a group you can just turn up at a Park Run instead.  There’s a local Park Run near me that hosts a free 5km run every Saturday if you register first.  It’s on my ‘To Do’ list I promise.  

If you fancy a bit of hard core competition, you could try a marathon or half marathon, a 10k Road Race, or an off-roader.  Or maybe something a little less challenging, like the Light the Night 5km where you get light displays and fire shows thrown in.  

Ive tried lots of different events before, all enjoyable and without incident… other than one.   I don’t want to put anyone off trying Canicross, but just make sure you can run as fast as your dog does, otherwise, like me, you will end up tethered to a German Shepherd dragging you face down in the mud for several metres.  

It’s enough to make you want to lie down on the sofa and just…watch. 

Sherry x

Cool Runnings


Is it just me, or do you like to save things for best?

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