The Little Brooklyn Bakery

‘The Little Brooklyn Bakery’ by Julie Caplin

The Little Brooklyn Bakery by Julie Caplin

A Review

The Little Brooklyn Bakery is one of those mythical places that you really wish you could visit. 

It’s warm and welcoming, luring customers from the street with the delicious smell of baking and the effervescent friendliness of it’s owner Bella.  

In the pages of ‘The Little Brooklyn Bakery’ Bella befriends Sophie, who after suffering a disastrous relationship at home in England, makes a rash decision to jump on a plane to New York and undertake a job swap.  

Sophie’s heart has been truly battered and just wants to escape everything that reminds her of home.  However, like the true romantic she is, she can’t help noticing man about town, Todd McLennan.  Todd is everything your mother warned you about, good looking and well groomed with a list of girls as long as his arm all clamouring for a date.  Sophie certainly doesn’t want to get on THAT list….or does she? 

What a fabulous, fun read this was.  A classic tale, which builds beautifully throughout the book, and features characters that you wish were part of your own group of friends. The author has a wonderful way of immersing you in the world that her characters inhabit, and there were some evenings while I was reading this, that it was all I could do not to run into the kitchen and start baking immediately!  

The Little Brooklyn Bakery

This is the fourth book Ive read by Jules Wake, although this is the first Ive read under her pseudonym of Julie Caplin.  She decided to take on a Romantic Getaways trilogy under her maiden name of Caplin, the first of which was ‘The Little Cafe in Copenhagen’, followed by the delightful ‘Little Brooklyn Bakery’, and soon to be released ‘The Little Paris Patisserie’.  Im noticing a bit of a theme here.   

So, if you’d like to immerse yourself in a bowl full of romance with a cup of baking and just a little bit of sauce, then these books are literally the icing on the cake.

To hell with it, the diet can always start tomorrow. 

For more information about Jules Wake and her alter ego, Julie Caplin, visit her website 


By the way, the big showstopper cake that’s featured in the book is based on the picture below.  Oh, and did I mention, that I made the original?!?!?  Cool huh!?

The Little Brooklyn Bakery

For more cake images you might like to have a look at Sherry Hostler Cake Artistry

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