The art of social kissing

The Art of Social Kissing

Social Kissing – It’s an Art Form!

Social Kissing is a minefield.  With the festive season literally just around the corner, and numerous parties and get togethers on the horizon, it’s about time us Brits looked at refining our social kissing etiquette. 

It might just be me, but I’ve always felt a little bit flummoxed by social kissing.  Do you go in for just one kiss?  Which cheek do you go for first? Do you make the first move or wait for the other person to lean in?  Do you plant a smacker or just brush cheeks with an echoing ‘Mwah’ sound?  It’s an absolute minefield.

In France it depends what region you’re in as to how many kisses you give, be it 2, 3 or in some cases as many as 5!  Imagine how long it would take you to get round a room at a party…and how much lip balm you would get through!  I’m not so sure that would go down quite so well at your local pub in Aylesbury, when you might be better off with a chest bump and an ‘Alright mate?’

the art of social kissing

So, what do we do?  Here’s a few useful tips: 

How to Kiss With Confidence

  • Take your lead from the other person.  This works well unless they’re as unsure as you are, and you end up in some strange “Twister” position with hands crushed beneath bodies, licking each other’s ears. 
  • Pick a cheek to start with and stick to it (not literally).  There are no hard and fast rules, and it’s no good going for the right cheek first if you’re approaching from the left.  Also make it a policy to go for a two kiss standard, thus avoiding the ‘Oops…going for two are we?’ conversation. 
  • Wipe your mouth beforehand.  No one likes a sloppy kisser that leaves a ring of saliva on your face.  We’ve all been in that position post-kiss, wondering how long we can leave the damp patch before we can subtly wipe away the evidence without it being offensive.  
  • No kissing on the mouth!  For God’s sake…this should be reserved only for loved ones, or the ones you want to love.  We’ve all been to those dinner parties where your friend’s partner does the last minute head turn, giving you no escape from the lips.  Unless is ‘that’ kind of party, it’s just not appropriate. 
  • Another no no, is the air kiss.  One word….Pretentious!  At least make an effort to brush the cheek of the other person with yours. 
  • Don’t go in for a kiss when you haven’t met someone before.  It’s WAY too over-friendly and a good way to make sure you probably wont bump into that person within close proximity again.
  • Male or female, if you’re just uncomfortable with social kissing, don’t feel you have to do it.  Give a winning smile, a warm hand hold or a hug.  After all, a kiss isn’t always appropriate, and your greeting will depend on the occasion, and how well you know the other person.  

So there we have it, in the words of Will Powers, you need to kiss with confidence, so get ready to pucker up.

Sherry x

the art of social kissing


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2 thoughts on “The Art of Social Kissing”

  1. Frankly I would rather not have to kiss anyone socially at all. Invariably it’s awkward and uncomfortable but my particular abhorrence is the wet one planted anywhere. What about when someone is wearing glasses and you end up making contact with the lens, it’s just so embarrassing. It seems expected of you if you are a woman so I comply but it’s a problem when you wear lipstick. I find myself pulling away to see a nice big ring of coral blush on the side of their face that I feel compelled to clean off making a further spectacle of myself. Lunging in for the kiss you don’t know which way the other person is heading so crashing noses or landing one on their ear is highly likely Why can’t we just clasp hands briefly ?

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