the joy of Christmas shopping

The Joy of Christmas Shopping

The Joy of Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping divides us into one of three personality types….which one are you?  

The super-organised type generally start their Christmas shopping during the January sales, and then pick up little gifts throughout the year to be stored away ready for the festive season.  

This type of super-human takes their time working out what to get people, and the best place to get those gifts at the best price.  

Not forgetting Christmas cards either.  They’re all bought, written with personal messages and sent by 1st December.  Not November, as that’s just wrong, but stamps will be stuck down on November 30th so they’re ready to go the next day.  

Of course all this means that they can then relax, fling on a bit of festive music, pop open the mulled wine and enjoy wrapping those presents beautifully, ready to be distributed under the tree.  

the joy of Christmas shopping

Then we have the unorganised, who leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute, thinking they have loads of time before the big day. They can generally be found in one of three places during the week before Christmas.  

The most common area is the sofa, a desperate look in their eyes as they scroll mindlessly through pages and pages of online gift retailers.  The second place to find them is in the shopping centre, undertaking what can only be described as a frenzied trolly dash.  Sweat pouring from brows and wallets alike as they shout to the store owners “Just give me whatever you’ve got, I don’t care how much it is!”.  The third place is in the pub..drunk, and weeping.  

And then there’s the worst personality type.  The unorganised person who actually thinks they’re organised.  That’s me.  I make loads of lists of what to get people throughout the year, but then I lose them.  I do buy some presents early and hide them away, so well that I then forget where I’ve hidden them; or I find a gift that I think will be better than the first one and end up buying both.  

the joy of Christmas shopping

I buy Christmas cards and not enough stamps, and reams of wrapping and no cellotape. Oh, and last year I thought it would be a good idea to visit Christmas markets with a view to buying gorgeous trinkets for people.   I ended up buying a life-size paper mache reindeer who now serves as a glorious reminder that I cannot be trusted with a credit card and too many gin tasters!

Happy shopping! 

Sherry x

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