lock down list

Lock Down List

My Lock Down To Do List

On day one of lockdown, I panicked.  I then drank two bottles of wine in quick succession.  I then panicked again that I wasn’t going to have enough to last me through lockdown.  

Once I’d calmed down a bit I realised that I should put my new extra time to good use.  So I made a list of all the things that I wanted to achieve during lockdown:   

  1. Re-stock wine (obviously)
  2. Enjoy more time with my dog
  3. Meditate
  4. Gardening
  5. House cleaning
  6. Sort out ‘that’ drawer in the kitchen
  7. Make a quilt
  8. Go out on my bike
  9. Sort out my pension
  10. Catch up with friends & family on the phone

lock down list

I started off really well with the wine order, although after only the first week stocks were looking perilously low yet again.  

I gave my dog extra training and play time on days one, two and three.  He is now still enjoying extra long walks as part of my ‘daily exercise’ but other than that, is practically feral.  

I had a go at meditating.  I say ‘meditating’ but maybe it was just staring at the TV…I can’t quite remember.  There was definitely wine involved.  

The garden got weeded over our lovely sunny Easter break, but something gave me a rash, so that’s the end of my plans to become the next Monty Don.  

I am proud to say that I did clean the house.  It’s now three weeks on, and Im making plans to do it again, but it seems a waste of energy if no-one’s coming round to see it.  

The drawer in the kitchen was opened, rifled through, and closed VERY quickly.  The less said about that the better. 

Im still planning on making a quilt, just as soon as…well just as soon as I can be bothered really. 

My bike did get a trip out.  Out of the shed that is.  In my defence it had a flat tyre, and Coronation Street was on TV.

I had good intentions to sort out my pension, but I needed a glass of wine to deal with that one, and after the third it didn’t seem to matter that much. 

Last but not least, I signed up to Zoom and Houseparty and I’ve joined in on a few virtual get togethers.  They were ok, but as I found out at my cost, you do actually have to wear clothes if you don’t want to scare people.

Lock Down List 

Sherry x

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