Weekend Away

Weekend Away

The Dog House Diaries :

Weekend Away

Friday 9th August

Today we took a massive leap of faith, as Barkley was being boarded with his breeder’s daughter, while we went away for the weekend.  

It really wasn’t the ideal situation as he was still so tiny, and we’d never met the people he was staying with before either.  Not that they were likely to be dog smugglers, bearing in mind they already knew him!  Anyway, we figured he would be fine, and bearing in mind the big fuss she gave him when we arrived, we were pretty certain he’d be in good hands.  

Still nervous to leave him so soon, we’d brought his food, treats, his favourite toys, and t-shirts of ours with our scent on so that he felt safe still.  

Little bugger didn’t even glance up when we left!  Judas.

Oh well, here’s to a weekend without being bitten and scratched.  It’ll give the wounds time to heal.  Woo Hoooooo!

Saturday 10th August

Oh my God…..I miss him. 

Weekend Away

Sunday 11th August 

It was so great to see him again, and we got a massive tail waggle when he saw us too, so thank God he remembered who we were.  We obviously read into that, that he’d missed his mummy and daddy, while from his point of view he was probably thinking “Ah, my slaves are back to do my bidding.”   

It wasn’t the best journey home to be honest as he’s decided that he hates being put in the boot of the car for some reason.  Maybe he’s scared of being in there on his own, or he just has ideas above his station about how he should travel.  Probably the latter.  

Anyway, without help from climbing ropes and crampons, he actually managed to climb over from the boot onto the back seat, with a small yelp as his little willy got pinched in the process.  Twit.  We pulled over as soon as we could, while I tried to restrain him from climbing into the front and taking over the steering.  Bloody backseat drivers.  

We put him back in the boot successfully, but I then had to sit in the back seat for the rest of the journey with my arm over the back rest, to stop him pulling another Houdini.  

The good news is, he seems to have turned a bit of a corner on the bitey front.  Maybe it was from being around another dog to keep him in line at the weekend.  I don’t care, it’s had an impact, and my scratched skin is very thankful.  

Sherry x

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