The Other Woman

‘The Other Woman’ by Sandie Jones

I know it sounds shallow but it’s hard not to judge this book by its cover…and in this case I loved both!!!

I’d actually first seen this book while grazing among the shelves of WH Smiths a little while ago and thought it sounded really good, so I was chuffed to bits when I was asked to review it for Pan MacMillan.

On reading the title you’d immediately think that the ‘other woman’ mentioned in the title is going to be in a romantic relationship with Adam, but hold those horses just a moment…..the other woman is in fact not a jealous spouse at all. It’s Adam’s mother, Pammie, and she will stop at nothing to keep Emily and Adam apart.

Written through the eyes of Emily, who is over the moon to have finally found ‘the One’, the author cleverly allows you feel every emotion that she goes through; love, confusion, fear, anger, and not necessarily in that order. She also manages to incite a deep loathing for Adam’s mother and her conniving ways.

A fantastic summer read

The tension builds throughout the book and it has more twists and turns than a ride at Universal Studios, even managing to bang a final one out right on the last page. Talent indeed. And by the way, once you finish the book (which you will probably do in one sitting if you possibly can), go back to the beginning and read the Prologue again. It’s only three paragraphs long, but it’ll make you say “Aaaaaaaaah, now I understand.”

Sandie Jones has written an absolute corker of a book. You’d think she’d had years and years of practice, but although her background is in journalism, this is her debut novel. A truly gripping psychological thriller, that you definitely need to put on your summer holiday reading list!

Sunglasses …check
Tanning lotion …check
‘The Other Woman’…. you can’t leave her behind!


The Other Woman

The Other Woman, by Sandie Jones, is out now, Pan MacMillan, £7.99

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