The Food of Love

The Food of Love

The Food of Love

When Romance Goes Wrong on Valentines Day

To be honest, I can never fault my hubby on Valentines Day.  He gets me a card, buys me flowers and takes me out for dinner.  Not bad eh? We’ve been to some lovely restaurants over the years, and I really shouldn’t complain, but why is it that on Valentines night, lots of eateries pack in the punters to full capacity and put on a crappy Valentines menu to cope with it?  

It means that you’re generally paying over the odds for a meal thats under par, and wind up having an inappropriate conversation in front of the couple at the table next to yours, which is only about 5 inches away.  A waste of money, a waste of calories, and unless you particularly wanted to get to know Elaine and Brian on an intimate level, a waste of sexy underwear.  

After a few years of doing this, we both finally came to the conclusion last year that we should probably ditch the whole restaurant idea.  Instead, we would stay in and cook a romantic meal for two in the comfort and privacy of our own home.  

Getting home first, I started prepping the fancy dinner so that it could bubble away on the stove, emanating delicious smells from the kitchen.  I laid the table, lit some candles and ditched my usual jogging bottoms and t-shirt for something, shall we say, a little more…enticing.  

The Food of Love

As I heard the the car pull into the drive I turned up the volume on the Luther Vandross CD, and poured two glasses of bubbly to greet my beloved with.  Key turning in the lock, I arranged myself provocatively (in my mind) on the kitchen work top amongst the half prepared food.  

“How was your day honey?”  I purred at him as the door opened, somewhat disappointed to see the look of abject horror on his face.  I know I’m not exactly Scarlett Johansson, but I had expected a slightly better reaction than the one I got.  

And then realisation dawned on me, as another figure came in to view behind him. My mother-in-law.  My mother-in-law who had popped over with an ingredient for dinner that I’d forgotten I’d asked her for earlier.

So, long story short, this year we’ve got a booking at a local restaurant.  It’ll be nice to catch up with Elaine and Brian again.  

Sherry x

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