Take On Me

Take On Me

Flash Fiction

Take On Me

This is a story I wrote for a competition recently and I’m thrilled to say that I was placed in the top three winners.  Yay!  The one guideline we had to base the story around were the words ‘Fourteen Again’.  Hope you enjoy it. 

“Dear Diary 

Today is the 27th October 1985.  It’s my fourteenth birthday, and the best day of my whole life.  

To start off with, Mum and Dad got me those roller skates that I’ve wanted forever.  They’re great.  Blue and red with yellow wheels and they look so cool with the leg warmers that Sue got me.  She’s the best friend ever.  

Dad dropped me and the girls off in town this evening so we could go to the roller disco.  It was fantastic. The DJ played all my favourite songs, everyone loved my new skates, and best of all…wait for it…Greg from the fifth year was there and he asked me to skate round with him. 

He’s gorgeous and I’ve liked him for ages, so when he held my hand as the DJ played ‘Take On Me’, I nearly passed out.   I could see the girls all grinning and giving me the thumbs up as we skated past them.  I really hope he didn’t notice, as I’d die of embarrassment.  

I’m back home now, and it’s really late, but I just wanted to tell you what a perfect day it was before I go to sleep.  And I’ve saved the best till last dear Diary, as Greg gave me a goodnight kiss when we were leaving.  It was the most beautiful kiss ever and he smelled so good, kind of like fresh pine.  God, I hope he asks me out.” 

Take On Me

As I’m about to turn the page, I hear a heavy tread coming up the stairs.  There’s a well acquainted creak as the landing is reached, and I close my diary, holding my breath in the dim lamplight.  It’ll be my dad telling me it’s time to go to sleep. 

Theres a tap at the door before it opens, letting in more light from the hall.  I glance up but the shape silhouetted in the doorway does not belong to my father, and a trickle of fear runs through me.  

“All ok love?”  asks a voice.  Familiar…but I can’t quite place it.  “It’s alright Janie.  It’s me.”

I’m aware that I should know this man, and as he ventures into the room and I can make out his features, there’s something about him that calms me after my initial uncertainty.  I don’t know why. 

“Come on love, try and get some sleep”  he says kindly. “Its a big day tomorrow remember?” 

I don’t remember.  I get so confused these days.  I look at him in silent question. 

“It’s our twenty fifth wedding anniversary my darling.” 

As he moves the tatty old book from my hands, and kisses my forehead, I catch a hint of fresh pine, and am reminded once more of the best day of my whole life.  I’m fourteen again. 

Sherry x

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