Pack Horse

Pack Horse

Flash Fiction

Pack Horse

This piece of flash fiction was written for a competition, where the only pre-requisite was that it had to be in the form of a list.  Hope you enjoy it!

Passport.  Only just remembered to get it renewed before I left England a month ago.  Just think, if I hadn’t, I’d still be stuck there in my unbearable life with the man that used to beat me.  He always said he was sorry, and I believed him.  You believe the one you love don’t you. 

Ticket.  I always wanted to go to Koh Samui, ever since I watched that film with Leonardo DiCaprio in it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving the rest of Thailand, but it’s really full on.  So many people and too much noise.  This is the perfect chance to get away from the crazy nightlife for a bit.  

Money.  Not as much as I’d like to be taking with me, as funds are really running dry.  Still, enough for backpacking and beer for a couple of days on the island, and David says he’ll help me out when I get back to the mainland. 

Mobile.  Probably my most precious item, especially with all my photos of David on it.  God, I miss him already and I havn’t even gone yet.  I wish he was coming with me like he was supposed to, but his boss is making him work at the last minute.  Who’d have thought I would meet my soulmate in Thailand for heavens sake!

Bikini.  My favourite item of clothing over here.  It took me ages to pluck up the courage to uncover my body.  I was always so ashamed of my scars.  The cigarette burns on my arms and chest were the worst, but David sees beyond them.  He sees me.

Sunglasses.  The most expensive thing I own at the moment.  My old ones were rubbish, so David brought me these Prada ones.  He says he likes to spoil me, which is lovely as I never experienced that before.  Shame the ‘P’ is starting to rub off on the logo though.  I guess it’s because I use them so much. 

Capsules.  The heroin wasn’t supposed to be on my list, but now that David can’t come I have no choice but to swallow them for him.  He says that he’ll be in serious shit if they don’t get over to the island, and I couldn’t bear that.  He didn’t ask me to take them.  Of course not.  But I love him, and you do anything for the one you love don’t you.  

Sherry x

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