Love Letter to Tring

Love Letter to Tring

Dear Tring

This is one of the hardest letters Ive ever had to write.
How do you break up with someone that you’ve spent so many years with, most of them incredibly wonderful. Well, all I can say is…It’s not you….it’s me.

When we first got together we were so young. I’d been in a short, fiery relationship with Berkhamsted which didn’t work out, and when it all ended you took me in your loving embrace with open arms and an open heart. We fell in love.

And how could we not? my lovely Tring.

How could I not fall head over heels with your beautiful paved High Street, the stunning ever changing colours of your Memorial Garden and your cheeky tattoo of a Dolphin on your square. And you’ve never let yourself go in all these years have you? I know, I know it takes a team to keep you as beautifully maintained as you are, and they work tirelessly to keep you perfect, but they, like I, always knew you were worth it.

Love Letter to Tring

And I knew all about the Natural History Museum before we even met. I know you tried not to make a big deal about it, but you should be proud. What a fantastic place for people to visit, and learn, and without even asking for an entry fee. How kind you were to do that. You should really have told me about the fleas though!!! Naughty.

You’ve always been so thoughtful Tring. Every year you would lay on little treats for me and all our friends too…The Spring Fayre, the Summer Carnival, and best of all… the Christmas Festival. I’ve always loved the fact that all your friends made such an effort every year to join us there, even in the pouring rain. Ha! Sometimes I couldn’t even move without bumping into people we knew…but it was great wasn’t it, they love you like I do.

Love Letter to Tring

While I’m reminiscing… do you remember all those amazing nights out we had? Red wine in the Akeman, red wine in The Robin Hood, red wine in The Anchor…Actually, now that I mention it, I cant remember much about those nights!!! lol But I do remember sharing fondu at our favourite table in Jack and Alice, those mouthwatering curries at Olive Limes, and the most amazing pasta in Da Vinci’s where they treated us like family. And not to mention our nights in! No, not those ones…cheeky! Sometimes all we did was curl up on the sofa with a big slab of cake from Black Goo, or shared a bottle of red wine and a takeaway from Tamarind or Canton City….or both!

Maybe we ate too much, thinking about it!? After all, we did both gain a bit of weight while we were together. We both filled out, you with new people and new businesses, and me with red wine mainly. Is that why you tempted me to the gym at On The Limit. What a little gem that was…shame I lacked the motivation. But still, you have to be proud of me for running so much. I lost the weight and it was all thanks to some of your beautiful streets… Miswell Lane, Western Road, Brook Street, and my favourite…Christchurch Road. God, I loved that road.

And you were so patient with me when I hurt my back Tring. You helped with my physio and sent me to The Pilates House. Others would have just let me get on with it, but you eased my pain Tring, more than you will ever know, and for that I thank you deeply.

Love Letter to Tring

Do you know what my favourite thing was to do with you? No, not to go to Champneys, or to admire the architecture of St Peters and St Pauls. It was to walk around your park. Yes, YOUR park! Not many of us have parks named after them. Tring Park in rain and sun and wind and snow…with our dog. All of us together, just walking and talking and sharing our lives. That was our place to find solace.

Oh Tring…please don’t think Im leaving because I’m bored of you. How could I possibly be bored when you have so much to offer. Who else can mend shoes, design tattoos, make the best sausages, do flower arranging AND bake bread. I’m sure, given time you’ll forget all about me, and you certainly wont have any problem meeting someone else, I promise you that. I just hope they realise how lucky they are.

So let me end this letter Tring, or I may never actually leave, and leave I must. You should know that you have played a massive part in my life and my memories of you will be full of love. You will always be the one that got away.

All my love,


(To all the Tringalings/Tringons/the Tring Massive… you have a wonderful town. There are just too many great shops, businesses, events and people to mention them all, without this being one massive advert! Me and my hubby bought our house on Christchurch Road back in 2007 before we got married. It was WAY too big for us, but we bought it to ‘grow’ into. We never did get round to having kids, other than our fur baby, but we grew into our house nonetheless through all the wonderful friends that we made and the memories that we created. We’ll both miss Tring greatly, but Im sure we’ll visit now and again. Maybe we’ll see you there, you never know. x)

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8 thoughts on “Love Letter to Tring”

  1. I too will always remember Tring with great fondness. Those wonderful narrow streets and laneways. Houses with ornaments on the windowsills and front doors that open onto the street. So different to Australia. Experiencing my first eccles cakes, spending hours in awe at the Natural History Museum, the long walks across fields and the canals where I picked blackberries for the first time and watched the narrow boats chugging past. And seeing a squirrel for the first time darting across your lawn. The lovely hanging baskets festooning the village overflowing with a riot of flowers took my breath away. And the quaint shops with bells above the doorways as you enter filled me with a sense of nostalgia and affection.

  2. Cynthia’s comment says it all really. Tring, a beautiful town indeed. I will always remember it with great affection.

  3. As a born and bread Tring girl (49yrs) your poem just made me cry. I love our town as you do. Thank you for writing something so beautiful and touching. I hope you will be as happy in your new home.x

    1. Hi Anna. What a lovely comment. I’m so glad you could relate to my words, and it really meant a lot that you shared that with me. x

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