Last Orders

Last Orders

April 12th was a big day in England, as lots of non-essential shops, pubs and leisure facilities were allowed to open again. 

I thought that instead of rushing out and getting my hair done or grabbing a drink straight away, that I’d let things calm down a bit first, thus avoiding any madness.  

So, I sat back and watched other people queuing round the block for hair cuts, I giggled at the people who rushed out at midnight to their local pub, and marvelled at those who were tenacious enough to get up at 6am to get in line for Primark.  

“There’s no rush” I thought, and leisurely booked a table for myself and some friends to have alfresco drinks on the Friday night.  It didn’t matter that my hair still looked a state, as I could just cover up my dodgy roots with a hat.  

I got a two hour slot at the pub from 6pm so we could meet straight after work.  Also it would then free up the table for someone else afterwards, equally keen for a night out after being cooped up so long.  

To celebrate our new taste of freedom, we thought it’d be a brilliant idea to order cocktails and the first three rounds came and went in what seemed like a matter of moments while we caught up.   Before we knew it, we were all a bit tipsy after drinking potent concoctions on empty stomachs.  It had been a long time since we’d been out out. 

I’m not sure who’s idea it was to order a flaming cocktail next, but overcome with excitement and a lethal mixture of spirits, I’m pretty sure I remember shouting “Oooh yesh! Lesh do it!” 

Anyway, our drinks were delivered amongst rapturous gasps from the other tables, and as mine was placed in front of me a small gust of wind wound its way through the tables.  I manoeuvred my body to protect the flame on my drink but as I did so the wind caught the brim of my hat and sent it flying across the table.  

I tried to grab it but it was too late.  Before we knew what was happening the hat was on fire, the waiter had thrown a bucket of ice water over our whole table and our time was definitely up.  

Maybe I should’ve got my roots done after all.

Sherry x

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