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‘Hypnotic’ Book Launch

I nearly didn’t have a Book Launch, but I’m so glad that I did.  

There were a couple of reasons why I was umming and ahhing about it.  Firstly, my book had been released the month before so I felt almost like I was locking the door after the horse had bolted, and secondly, as I’m an Indie author there was a small part of me that felt like I wasn’t worthy and that no-one would really be bothered.  

Ever the pessimist, I expected hardly anyone to turn up and that those who did would be bored.  I thought it would rain and we’d be crammed into a tiny room; that I’d fall over my words saying my thank you’s and that it would all be a big fat waste of time.  Maybe an on-line event would be a better idea? 

My annoying optimist of a husband told me I was being an idiot and that I should definitely celebrate.  Also, if I was going to do it, I may as well do it properly with ACTUAL cake and Prosecco instead of imaginary on-line stuff.  

So I googled ‘what to do for a book launch’, booked my wonderful local pub, and invited my close friends and family along with all the people who had helped me on my writing journey.  

I got some of those massive helium balloons which spelled out the word ‘book’, signage with the image of my novel printed onto it, lots of cake which was decorated with the actual pages from my book, and free Prosecco for all the guests on arrival.  

On the day, despite being in full anxiety mode I forced myself to put on a dress that I’d never worn before as it had ‘never been the right moment’, and shoes that were so high they almost gave me a nose bleed.  

The first few friends that arrived early were greeted by me shouting ‘Don’t talk to me!!!’ as I ran around trying to get things ready.  I was so nervous.  

Eventually though I calmed down, (after a glass of Prosecco) and before I knew it the pub was literally full to bursting with so many lovely friends and family that we had to spread out into the courtyard.  And not only was it not raining, but the sun was shining! 

I was able to say all my thank you’s without falling over my words and I also did a reading from my next book.  I think I was able to speak to every single person who had come along to wish me well, and instead of feeling crushed by worry that everything wasn’t going to go right, I just went with the flow and enjoyed myself.  

It was one of the best days ever, surrounded by great people who wished me well, and it felt amazing to celebrate my novel properly.  I had a blast. 

So, what Ive taken away from the day is this:  

We shouldn’t doubt ourselves.  The people that care about you want to celebrate your achievements.  

We should all be sure to make the most of these things, because life is hard and we need to grab hold of the good bits with both hands. 

We should wear the posh outfit and the shoes that we can’t walk in, because they are bloody fabulous (but just make sure that you have your flip flops in your bag).

Sherry x

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