Keep on Moo-vin

Keep on Moo-vin

We’re very lucky where we live to have some beautiful countryside to walk in, and never have we appreciated it more than during lockdown.  

Bored of doing the same old routes over and over again though, we got an Ordnance Survey map so that we could go off piste.  

We plotted out a walk to try out at the weekend, but as Saturday dawned, there was thick fog which showed no sign of lifting anytime soon.  Undeterred, we still pulled on our wellies and set off.  

While the views were pretty non-existent due to the weather, we still enjoyed trudging through the woods and fields, and eventually we came to an unlocked gate.  We made our way through into the field beyond, and all was calm and peaceful until suddenly to the left of us came a noise. 

We stopped to listen.


I looked at my husband with fear in my eyes. 

“Keep walking”  He said.  “They aren’t interested in us.” 

We trudged on, picking up our pace a little, and I could now see faces starting to loom out of the fog.  Just a few to start with, but before long there must have been around 30 cows keeping pace with us, jostling to get closer. 

Keeping as quiet as possible we sped up, heading to where we hoped a stile would come into view. Thankfully, our escape route finally appeared through the gloom, and we started running towards it, hearing a sudden cacophony of hooves behind us.  

The only thing that lay in our path was the bog of eternal stench where the cows had churned up the field so much that only a hippo would enjoy being there.  We had no choice but to try and cross it to reach the stile.

My hubby managed to get to the stile and stood, holding out his arm to me as I made my way through the mud.  One step, two steps, three… each one getting slower.  Eventually I came to a grinding halt, as my wellies were well and truly stuck.  

Heart pounding, and bovine stalkers almost upon me, there was nothing else for it but to grab onto a branch and pull my feet out of my wellies.

To my knowledge they’re still there, so if anyone wants a pair of size 5 Hunter wellies, and is willing to run a gauntlet of heifers, get in touch and I’ll give you their location.

Sherry x

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