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When ‘Hypnotic’ was published I knew exactly what I wanted on the cover of the book, so I had a LOT of input into things, even down to choosing the exact image that I wanted. 

This time however, I have used a cover designer, which is a whole new experience.  Once again, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and I sent off all my ideas to my cover designer, Jessica Bell, along with the synopsis of the book and the answers to all her questions which would give her an idea of the style and tone of the book. 

Throughout the story there is a recurring image of spinning sycamore seeds, so I thought what better than to have one or two of them on the cover.  It could be really simple, just like the first book cover and would work really well.  Another idea I had was to feature a house silhouetted in the night sky, reminiscent of a Lisa Jewell style book cover.  I was convinced that either of these ideas would be the way forward.

Well, Jessica sent back three cover images, as promised.  There was the image of the house in the night sky with one window lit from within, there was the spinning sycamore seed (which I did adore), and then there was the last one… The one that I had no input in whatsoever, and the one that I chose to be my book cover!

Wanna see it?

I still do adore the spinning sycamore seed image, and who knows if I write in another genre one day, I may still use it, but the final book cover for ‘Free Fall’ just sums up everything about the book in one image.  If you look closely you will even notice the sycamore leaves in top right of the window! Jessica did an amazing job and gave some solid advice, and I can’t wait to hold the hard copy of the book in my hands, as it looks great.

Until next time…

Sherry x

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