Madonna Turns 60

Madonna Turns 60

Is it Time for Madonna to Grow Old Gracefully?


On 16th August this year Madonna celebrates her 60th birthday and officially becomes an OAP. Yep, the legendary Queen of Pop will be eligible for a bus pass, so is it about time she hangs up those leotards and fishnet stockings for good?

I remember years ago a friend saying to me that ‘I looked good bearing in mind I was in my thirties.’ She was still in her twenties at the time and obviously thought that everyone whose age started with a number three or over was ancient. As I tried not to throttle her, she went on to say that Madonna really shouldn’t be wearing leotards at her age. It was around the time of the ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ album, so it had to be 2005-ish which would have made Madge 47.

Back then I responded by saying that while I didn’t particularly like the leotards as a look, she looked bloody good in them, and I wouldn’t mind looking like she did when I reached that age. Well shocker that it is….. I AM now that age. Now quite sure how the hell that happened in a blink of an eye, but when I now look back at her in that pink leotard in the ‘Hung Up’ video I’m not too sure that I could pull it off, but I still think she still looks bloody amazing in it.

Sure, I know she’s had help. The odd nip and tuck, a legion of personal trainers, dieticians, chefs, costume designers, makeup artists and assistants…but what she’s achieved overall has been down to her own hard work…and my God that woman works.

Can you believe that her very first entry on the US Billboard Hot 100 was “Holiday” in 1983!? NINETEEN EIGHTY THREE!!!! For God’s sake that was thirty five years ago, when I was the ripe old age of twelve and flouncing around in leg warmers, fingerless gloves, and probably a bloody leotard!!

Since then she’s released eighty three singles, 17 promotional singles and charted with 10 other songs. She’s brought out a clothing line and written books, including the iconic “SEX”. When that book came out in the 90’s it had to be pre-ordered and came wrapped in a silver modesty bag! She’s been in 26 films, several short films and also 3 plays!

OK, so some of the films might have been a bit questionable, but hey, we all make errors of judgement. You’ve only got to look at some of our old jobs…..or boyfriends.

Madonna Turns 60

Speaking of boyfriends, Madonna’s love life has certainly been colourful. Some of you may be surprised to know that she’s only actually been married twice. Once to Sean Penn and then much later to Guy Ritchie. She has however had long term (and short term) relationships without prejudice, and has dated such characters as Tupac Shakur, Vanilla Ice, Warren Beatty and Sandra Bernhard.

She’s been slated for years about her hands looking old, her arms looking too muscled, her face looking too taught. She’s been called a middling songwriter with an unremarkable voice, and an untalented actress; but by any measure, that woman can certainly entertain. She’s relevant, savvy and smart, and she rides the wave of diversity with ease.

Oh yeah, lets not forget that she founded the charity organisation Raising Malawi to help local children orphaned by AIDS. She also opened the first children’s hospital in the same country ‘The Mercy James Paediatric Hospital’. Back in the nineties she established ‘The Ray of Light Foundation’ which promotes peace, equal rights and education for all, and she also supports UNICEF, Amnesty International and the Make a Wish Foundation.

Did I mention that she’s also a single mother to no less than six children? Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, Mercy James, Estere Ciccone and Stelle Ciccone. I cant comment on her relationships with them, and I’m pretty sure that she has plenty of help, but still…. she must be knackered!

So, now that she approaches her dotage, is it finally time that the Material Girl hangs up those risque outfits and has a well deserved lie down? Well, she has recently moved to Lisbon in Portugal to “enjoy semi-retirement and to be a soccer mom”. In my humble opinion though, I doubt that it’ll be too long before the ultimate show girl starts to get itchy feet and puts together another world wide tour. After all, who else can wake up in in the morning and say “Bitch…I’m Madonna”

Madonna Turns 60


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7 thoughts on “Madonna Turns 60”

  1. Mmmm I think Madonna needs to hang up the idea that at 60 she still has what it takes even if she has. Casting my mind back to Cher at around the same age and older flouncing across the stage in cut out bits and pieces sliced up to you know where, wigs and weird gear made me want to cringe. Sorry but at a certain age women need to be thinking more about who they are rather than still trying to portray themselves as an object of sex and desire. They may still be and that’s ok but it bothers me in a woman of 60 making such a big deal of it. Surely she has proved that she is sexy beautiful and talented a long time ago so I say move on, reinvent yourself Madonna, you’ve done it before do it again, preferably dressed.

  2. If you ask the DWP you will find that Madonna and all other ladies born after 1955 will have to wait until she is 66 before she is an OAP!

  3. Personally, I think leotards belong in the gym and pointed bras that can take someone’s eye out belong in the bin. But, since I’m older than Madonna, I would defend to the death any 60 year old’s right to wear what they like, provided it fits and isn’t tasteless. (Hopefully that other style icon, Lady Gaga, won’t be fishing out her meat dress when she’s 60, by which time it really will be ‘tasteless’.)

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