Final Call for Flight 175

Final Call for Flight 175

Final Call for Flight 175


Ally? Is that you?  Are you there? 

Damn answerphone!  If you’re there, can you pick up?

Ally…oh for God’s sake, why don’t you ever pick up the damn phone?

I’ve tried your cell and it’s just going straight to voicemail, so the landline’s my last resort.  Oh God, please pick up..

Ally, I know we had a fight last night.  I’m so sorry baby.  Please pick up the phone if you’re there.  Ally?  Ally?


Ok, just listen then baby if you’re there.  I made it to the airport on time this morning, and I just wanted to call before I got on the plane to tell you I’m sorry.  I know, I know, you’re gonna say it’s too little too late, but please believe me when I say it.  I know you hate me travelling so much for work, leaving you alone with the girls all the time.  You’re right.  You are right. Something needs to change.

Ally? Are you there? I’m sorry we fought.  Honestly.  Never go to bed on an argument eh?  Damn it.  You mean everything to me y’know.  You and our little family.  Tell the girls I love them too will you?  Tell them I never meant to scare them by yelling. I’d never want to do that in a million years.  I was just angry baby. We both were.  I’m just devastated that the girls heard us. 

As soon as I get back, I swear I’m going to start looking for another job.  One that keeps me in Boston, instead of sending me all over the place to pointless meetings that no-one really cares about. It’s just not worth it anymore. There are other jobs out there that pay just as well.  Jobs that’ll let me spend more time with you and the girls.

God, I wish you were there baby.  I love you so much y’know.  And I’m going to make sure to tell you that every single day from now on. I promise.  It’s only two days.  Two days baby, and then I’ll be back home safe and sound on September 13th. 

Ah crap. Ally?  baby, Ive got to go now.  They’re calling my fight for boarding.  It’s United 175, so you can see what time I’ll be landing in LA. I’ll try you again when I get there anyway.

It’s going to be the start of a new life when I get back baby.  I love you.

Final Call for Flight 175


Sherry x

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